A little more about Mindy: We are so excited you have taken a moment to find a bit more about us. I started my photography journey when I studied photography in Florence, Italy at the Santa Reparata International School of Art. I received my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and then went on to get my Master of Arts in Photography from the University of South Carolina. I have been shooting weddings since 2007. I spent half of each year of 2010-2013 shooting destination weddings all over Costa Rica. Someone once told me -- your work is like you-- strong and vibrant. I like to capture and preserve big, strong moments that speak without words. Photos that make you understand the feeling of that exact time and place. Maybe you can't even exactly describe it-- but you feel it. After all, isn't that what it's all about-- preserving a special moment, a feeling. Mindy's Favs: spending time with family, dance fit classes, binge watching shows and the three men in my life - Fernando, Ezra (3 years) and Ethan (1 year old). I also love helping out at the wedding venue my family owns - King Fisher Events!
A little more about Fernando: I started my photography and videography journey working in my home country of Costa Rica. In Costa Rica we shoot weddings year-round so I got experience shooting many weddings every month. I learned photography under a very talented photographer - Toh Gouttenoire in Costa Rica. Working with him I shot many weddings and real estate shoots. I have shot all kinds of weddings in many different beautiful locations. The photography eventually evolved to doing videography as well. I love doing both. Each tell the story slightly differently but many of the same technically principals apply, making it easy to crossover. Mindy and I got married in September 2013 and I moved here to be with her and we finally were able to combine our work into 1 business. A lot of people love seeing photos and video I shoot with my drone. I can get unique photos and even 4K overhead video. Fernando's Favs: everything photography and videography, cars, surfing, working out, Costa Rica, Mindy and my two sons Ezra and Ethan. It doesn't matter if we are shooting your wedding on the beach, in the city, or in the country, we try to shoot each wedding with a nice mix of shots you desire combined with our artistic style. **Tambien como Fernando es de Costa Rica -- Hablamos Español. Contactanos por mas informacion!**
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